Jojo’s was established in 1989 as an Ice Cream, Water ice store.  While the owners knew little about the ice cream business, they did know that it would make people, including themselves happy when consumed. Their three young children would be an asset in that department as taste testers on the rollercoaster of trials and errors.

  Those early days provided a good product but it lacked the uniqueness that JoJo’s wanted to raise their offerings above the ordinary. The decision was made that their menu items would be made Homemade in their entirety. This presented a new and superior product served by a friendly and courtesy staff. Over the course of JoJo”s 32 years of business, Jojo’s has produced ice cream and water ice to tingle your taste buds. Their water ice is filled with actual pieces of fruit in every serving. The all time favorite being Black Cherry is sought by customers far and wide. Ice cream comes in all shapes and sizes, including soft,hard,pies and cakes!